Indigrid—Innovation Dilation Swiss Grid

A tool for structuring lists

  • Like a word processor,
    • only instead of managing letters, you are managing chunks of text.
  • Like a kanban board,
    • but with hierarchical lists instead of flat lists.
  • Like a personal text-only wikipedia,
    • but offline, and under your control.


  • Free
    • no usage limits, no ads, no data collection.
  • Unpossessive
    • import & export plain text to and from other programs.
  • Contemplative
  • Opinionated
    • your only options refined to a single options dialog:
  • Remembers everything
    • entire history of all your changes.
  • Proficient
    • use native keyboard shortcuts unavailable to web apps.
  • Introverted
    • offline—no account to create, nothing to log into.
  • Neurotic
    • no cloud—your data never leaves your computer.
  • Independent
    • no bundled third-party software.



I'm working on it.


Indigrid isn't for everyone. Visit the design philosophy to see if its design resonates with you.